Portfolio Series – layered narratives

I thoroughly enjoy the rich seam of documentary photography that’s available in the invariable lull between the end of the wedding breakfast (& speeches) and the commencement of the evening’s entertainment. It’s often during this time that I am looking to create images that contain multiple layers; something you’ll find me talking quite a lot about during this series of blog posts, in which I hope will give you a brief insight into how I approach wedding photography and what I’m looking for in a successful image to deliver to my clients.

Sam & Nick’s wedding at Beechenhill Farm was a wonderful day; they’d been blessed with some great weather, a lovely ceremony, delicious meal and some marvellous speeches. Now the guests had spread out and were enjoying an evening drink while the room was being prepared for the forthcoming entertainment.

I do enjoy people watching at weddings, and there were so many individual narratives & clusters of interaction before me. I’d carefully positioned myself in order to get the best view of as many of these little stories as possible and then patiently waited for everything to come together.

It would have been all too easy to use a big, long lens and pick off each of these small groups in isolation without much context, but I wanted to convey the whole mood of the room and give the viewer the opportunity to find these stories for themselves.

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