Portfolio Series – a first look at the Bride

In this series of articles, I’m taking a look at a few of my favourite wedding photographs and discussing the way I approached each image. I hope this will give you a little insight into the way I like to work and how this impacts on the photographs that I deliver to my clients.

This weeks picture comes from Chris & Susie’s wedding at Slaugham Place in Sussex. Shortly after getting into her dress, Susie’s paige boy stepped into the room. I had been positioned on the other side of the bedroom, making use of the lovely window light coming in from behind me. Hearing the excitement from the party as they made their way up the hall way, I knew there’d soon be something interesting in the doorway. I chose my wide-angle lens so that I could incorporate Susie’s reflection, as well as the detail of the back of her beautiful dress.

It’s not a perfect image, there’s a degree of natural clutter and the bridesmaid and flower girl are obscured, but the young boy’s honest, unforced reaction to seeing our bride is all that matters. It would have been possible to remove the clutter by using my longer lens and taking a more isolated picture of the boy in the door, but that image would have lacked any context and we would miss the lovely expression returned to him by Susie.

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