My natural & relaxed wedding photography style & approach to photographing your wedding

For the vast majority of the wedding day, I photograph without interfering or interrupting you & your guests and I work as an unobtrusive observer to the day - I like my presence to be fairly unremarkable. I certainly can’t claim to be invisible (I’ve not mastered that skill, yet!), instead I hide in plain sight, mingling amongst your guests and working carefully to blend into the crowd. I try to look like a guest with a camera. I record the moments of your day as they happen naturally, without interrupting things.

I want to make a record of you, your family and your friends just as you are, being yourselves and enjoying the celebration. I don’t want you to feel like your whole wedding day is a staged photoshoot, instead I’d like you to enjoy it for what it is; a celebration of your relationship together, with the people whom you love, and who love you. The result is a timeless & honest collection of images that capture the mood, emotion and atmosphere of the day that will mean so much to you in years to come. You’ll get to see moments that you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed on the day.

Relaxed portraits of you both

At an appropriate time in the day, we'll spend a short period of time taking some really relaxed portraits of you as a newly married couple. I have no intention of keeping you from seeing your guests for very long - you'd be surprised at what a great collection of images we can get in a short space of time. I will have taken a little time, earlier in the day, to scout a few suitable spots for us to take a relaxed stroll. I won’t be asking you to do anything cheesy, tacky or horrendously unnatural; I’ll provide some very minimal direction and leave you to be yourselves whilst I take some lovely pictures.

A few group photos don’t have to take ages

Weddings are one of those rare occasions when so many people get together, and you may want a handful of group photographs (even if it’s just to keep the family happy) but I won’t force anything on you - it’s your day after all!

I certainly won’t refuse to photograph a few constructed family group shots, but I do advise that they’re contained to a specific period of the day so that once they’re done, they’re done. They don’t have to take ages, and we’ll work together beforehand to make sure that there’s enough time to take them. Provided that everyone’s available and prepared, 5 or 6 groups can take less than 25 minutes. Larger groups and greater numbers of groups will take longer and there may not be as much time for me to get as many of the relaxed, natural photographs too. I understand that you’ve made some difficult decisions about whom to invite to your wedding and I’m sure that you’ll want to spend as much time seeing those friends and family as you can, without being stuck in one place, staring at me in what feels like a firing squad line-up as I take a seemingly endless list of repetitive group photos!


It’s your celebration

The day is yours to spend how you wish; I'll be there creating an honest record of the day, all you need to do is have fun, spend time with the people who matter the most to you, celebrate, laugh, cry, be nervous, be excited, be yourselves!

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