Portfolio & approach

Discrete, natural & relaxed wedding photography

For the vast majority of the wedding day, I photograph without interfering or interrupting you & your guests and I work as an unobtrusive observer to the day. I mingle amongst your guests and work hard to blend into the crowd. I record the moments of your day as they happen naturally, without interrupting the day, telling people where to look or how to behave.

We'll spend a short period of time taking some really relaxed portraits of you as a newly married couple, but I have no intention of keeping you from seeing your guests for any longer than fifteen minutes or so (you'd be surprised at what a great collection of images we can get in that time).

Beyond that, the day is yours to spend how you wish. I'll be there creating an honest record of the day, all you need to do is have fun, spend time with the people who matter the most to you, celebrate, laugh, cry, be nervous, be excited, be yourselves.

Wedding photography portfolio

Below is a collection of my favourite wedding photography images, which I feel best describe my approach to documenting weddings.