Congleton Wedding Photography – Lou & Marc


There was something particularly special about photographing Louise & Marc’s wedding in Congleton; Lou & I used to share a table in reception class at primary school, so we go way back. Thankfully I don’t have to look at my pencil case in order to spell my name properly any more, which is progress!

Since then we’ve both done a fair bit of growing up. I’ve had the honor of photographing her Sister’s wedding and have also enjoyed documenting her Dad’s 50th birthday party, so I’ve become a familiar face at big family occasions!

Marc’s a great guy and they’re a really lovely fit for each other – that’s something that I really enjoy in my line of work; getting to see two people so well suited, celebrating their relationship. His speech, which covered the story of how they met, was told with the help of some wonderfully timed musical cues which were entertaining, heartfelt and a little bit emotional at times, too. Well played, sir!

My coverage of the day started at the charming Alexandra Court Hotel, where I documented Lou’s preparations before popping in to the next room to get a few shots of Marc as he put the finishing touches to his outfit. It was lovely to see Lou’s Dad’s expression as she came down the stairs before we headed to St Mary’s in Astbury.

After the church ceremony, the wedding party and I were treated to a tractor ride to The Pavilion in Congleton Park. Despite being my home town, it’s the first time I’ve been in the pavilion since its renovation – it’s a great space and they’ve done a remarkable job of turning it into a really charming venue.

We took a little time for a relaxed portrait session, strolling through the park before dinner. I left the party in full swing, with a well populated dance floor and Paul, Lou’s Dad, throwing some of his signature Northern Soul shapes!
Congleton Wedding Photography

Congleton Wedding Photography

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