Portfolio Series – layers during bridal preparations

I talk a lot about layering my images within this series of articles. I do like my photographs to have more than one element to them, it adds more context to the story and reward the viewer for spending a little time reading the picture.

I took this picture during Sarah’s preparations before she got married to Lucas at Gregynog Hall. There was a hive of activity in the room and I wanted to convey the atmosphere within a single image – using a wide-angle lens and positioning myself close to the bridesmaid ironing Sarah’s dress, I was able to frame the scene beyond and patiently wait for things to unfold nicely.

When I’ve got a few elements within an image, I’m often waiting for a few key expressions or gestures to present themselves before I press the shutter. The bridesmaids arm offers a nice leading line into the middle of the frame and I like how Sarah is framed within the mirror’s reflection. It’d be nice for Sarah’s Granny to be a little more visible as she’s being helped with her hat, but had I influenced or directed this scene it would certainly¬†feel false and rigid.

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