Daisy & Daniel’s wedding

Daisy & Daniel's wedding celebration took place in their neighbours garden. I started my 8 hours of coverage with Daisy's preparations and moved next door as guests started or arrive & Daniel greeted them. The outdoor ceremony was stunning, and the open space allowed me to discretely move around without causing a distraction. The time immediately after the ceremony is always a really rich time for my natural, relaxed style of photography, as everyone is keen to congratulate the couple.

We had a short list of group photos that Daisy & Daniel had requested, so we made time for those once the drinks reception got underway. I carefully chose some of the quiet spots in the garden to take some relaxed portraits of the couple, so they'd be able to take some time for themselves while I discretely took some natural images.

During the speeches, I'm always keen to get a good mix of action & reaction shots; peoples responses & expressions are often just as important, if not more so, than the actions of the person speaking. I really enjoy the time between speeches and the evening entertainment, when there's a natural lull and guests relax - I get some really fun and interesting images during that time. Cutting the cake just before the first dance is a really great way of bringing everyone back together and getting the evenings party going!