Portfolio Series – make-up and mirrors

Today’s post forms part of a series of blog posts discussing individual wedding photographs, which I hope will give you a brief insight into how I approach wedding photography and what I’m looking for in a successful image to deliver to my clients.

I was trying to be a little bit clever in this picture of Libby getting ready for her wedding at Marylebone Old Town Hall. While Libby was applying her own mascara, I had discretely positioned myself by her right shoulder. Some photographers may have opted to take a close shot of just the mirror(s) and their reflection, but I like to include a little more context in my images and purposefully selected my wide-angle lens so that I could include more of the scene.

I really like the way the way Libby’s eye draws us in and is framed by the mirror, her hand and her face. From there the standing make-up artist provides a link as we follow her arm across the frame to find Libby’s Mum also applying makeup. I don’t make a habit of chopping peoples heads off in pictures, but the decision to crop below the make-up artists eyes is deliberate; I wanted the viewer to make contact with Libby first, and explore the frame from there.

York Wedding Photographer